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We Provide Sheds, Garages and Other Structures to Criglersville, VA and all of Northern Virginia

Having to look at your house for a couple of years make you want to change it up a bit sometimes. But there is a fear that it might take too much time or too much effort. Structures like sheds and playhouses do require a bit of work but ultimately pay off in the end. Capitol Sheds doesn’t want you to get stressed out with all the things you have to do on top of your already busy life. That’s why we are offering our services for people who may need it or even just simply want it wherever you are in Criglersville.

Requirements for Building Residential Structures in Criglersville, VA

According to the official Fairfax County permits page, building sheds, playhouses, and other types of accessory buildings that are more than 256 square feet in total lot and land area in Criglersville, VA require you to obtain a residential building permit through the Permit Application Center. Fortunately, this is something that Capitol Sheds can help you with.

Carrying years’ worth of experience with zoning and building permits, we have firsthand knowledge of policies and will be able to help you secure them so that we can start building your structures. If you still have questions on your mind, we are always just one click or call away. You can reach us through the form located at the lower right portion of our website or you can call us through any number found on our site. We’ll make sure to address any concerns you may have.

Also equipped with a team consisting of industry experts, we are sure that we will not only provide you with sound advice but also construction services that are of high quality. We assure you that your structures will remain durable and will stand calamities. Apart from our high standards in creating customized buildings, we also offer our products and services at affordable prices. Talk to us today to know more about the costs.

What our clients in Criglersville, VA say about our services

If you remain uncertain, just listen to what our previous clients have to say about our services:
Capitol Sheds

“Absolutely terrific. I ordered a 12x16 shed and it looks great on my lot. The guy who came out to position and level the shed was very attentive to detail and did a great job and it sits precisely where we wanted it. This is a quality shed and is actually the 2nd one I have now gotten from Capitol sheds. Would and do recommend you to my friends.”




“Excellent hands on customer service. If rep didn't know the answer he called someone who did. Followed through on delivery and setup commitment”