Quality Amish Built Horse Stall Barns & Run-in Sheds

At Capitol Sheds, we specialize in horse barns that are built to your specifications.We have barns in stock & ready to deliver - Stop by one of our 5 locations!

Financing Options

A horse barn can be a significant investment, one that may be challenging to pay with all cash. At Capitol Sheds, we provide a variety of financing, rent-to-own, and layaway options to make it easier for you to get the right horse barn for your needs.

At Capitol Sheds, we specialize in horse barns that are built to your exact specifications, whether you need horse barns in Fauquier or horse barns in Spotsylvania, Culpeper or Stafford.

If you want to build a custom horse barn, here are some key considerations:

1. Placement

Weather and convenience are the two major factors that go into building a horse barn. Think about where prevailing winds come from in the area and make sure the barn is situated for maximum protection. Placement should also consider sunlight so the barn doesn't get too hot, making for a dangerous and uncomfortable situation for your animals.

Your horse barn should also be placed on high, dry ground so that it will require less maintenance, but also conveniently placed for easy access by foot and for vehicles.

2. Size

Horse barn sizing is quite complex and requires balancing multiple factors, including the size and number of horses you will be housing in the barn. Consider how many stalls you need and what size those stalls should be. Also consider the space needed to move your horses around the barn, both in their stalls and in the other areas. This is a key concept that Capitol Sheds can help you determine. It will also be dependent on how much space you have available, but the safety and comfort of your horses and yourself should always be the top priority.

3. Materials

In general, horse barn materials need to be resilient and functional at every turn, from flooring to walls and posts. Many people building horse barns in Fauquier and the surrounding areas use metal siding for added resilience and less maintenance, but wooden materials are also quite popular. It’s about balancing your budget with your needs.

Flooring can range from packed dirt to rubber mats or granular base materials. Since the floors require the most amount of attention, you will likely want a material that is easy to clean and comfortable for your animals. Hard concrete is fine for walkways, for example, but you will want something softer for stalls.

4. The Future

Are you a budding horse enthusiast who will likely have more horses in the future? Are you looking to breed horses? Do you have a couple of horses and will likely not have more? Most people design horse barns in Culpeper and nearby areas with only the present in mind. You should, however, build a barn that you can continue using for years to come and that can adapt to your changing needs.

Capitol Sheds specializes in custom barns for your property and animals. We can work directly with you to ensure that your horse barn, whether it’s horse barns in Culpeper or horse barns in Stafford or the surrounding areas, is safe, comfortable, affordable and perfect for your animals. Your horses, after all, deserve the best. Contact us today to start working on your dream horse barn!