Four Ways to Care for Your Horses in Winter

Outside, the leaves are changing color and the air is growing colder as we say goodbye to the last of the summer heat. While we gather our warmest blankets and sweaters to prepare for another winter, horses welcome the chilly season. Unlike humans, horses thrive in tempera-tures as low as 30 degrees below zero, but they do need a few […]

How to choose the Right Horse Barn Builder

There are some important things to consider when you are choosing the right company to build your horse barns in Fauquier. After all, the most important thing that the horse barn builder must know is that building a horse barn is not like building any lawnmower shed. So, if you are ready to choose someone to build for your animals, […]

Natural Light and Ventilation in Horse Barns – Why it Matters

Building quality horse barns in Spotsylvania requires the creation of an environment where the horse is healthy, safe, and content. In nature, horses have more control; they are able to move out of the wind or out of the sun as they need, but in a barn, they no longer have the ability to do that themselves. Thus, it is […]

Determining the Proper Aisle Width and Stall Size in Your Horse Barn

There are many different factors to consider when building a horse barn. Everything from the footprint size to the materials can completely change your design, budget, and the horse barn’s appearance. And while some of these factors are up to you, the aisle width and stall size are more dependent on your horses than on your space, if you are […]

How much does a Horse barn cost

Is your Horse out of the Barn? You’ve been saving effectively for months, maybe longer. You’ve done research on breeders in your neck of the woods, considered various pedigrees and how they relate to your goals—and the best part: everyone in your family is on board and can’t wait. It’s finally time to purchase a horse. Or is it? Perhaps […]