Sun-Mar Composting Toilets

Environmental Champions
Producing no pollution and leaving no footprint SUN-MAR composting toilets are the future for a greener earth. More on the environmental benefits... 
Sun-Mar Recycles Nutrients 
SUN-MAR composting toilets evaporate the liquids and odorlessly decompose the remaining waste into an inoffensive fertilising soil. More on how they work... 
Unrivaled Selection of 21 Models 
Sun-Mar has a composting toilet for every need. - Electric or non-electric - Waterless or 1 pint flush - Small, medium, or large capacity units More about our units... 
The Unique Sun-Mar Technology 
SUN-MAR's unique and superior composting toilet designs are covered by international patents and feature 3 separate independent chambers with Bio-drum for composting, finishing and evaporation. More on Sun-Mar's 3 chamber technology... 
Certifications & Approvals 
What you should know before you buy a Composting Toilet NSF Fact Sheet 
Only Sun-Mar's composting toilets are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for residential and cottage use Official NSF Listing 
Capitol Sheds is an Official Sun-Mar Dealer