Springfree Trampolines

These trampolines are the safest trampolines in the Universe! Springfree Trampolines are the only trampolines with a 10-year warranty.

When you want a safe, healthy and fun workout on a trampoline, these Springfree trampolines are the only safe choice for your family.

Kids Aren't Engineered Safe
  • No springs or frame at jumping surface
  • Patented FlexiRod jumping system
  • Unique SoftEdge Mat
  • FlexiNet Jumper catching system
  • Flexible externally mounted enclosure rods
  • Peace of Mind.

Introducing the World's Safest Trampolines!

Capitol Sheds is proud to offer SpringFree Trampolines to our customers. Trampoline safety has come a long way over the last 15 years. With the addition of safety catch nets to padding over the traditional spring trampoline systems. SpringFree Trampolines take safety to a whole new level with the use of space age technology and a little old fashioned common sense. Click here to read more... Additional info...