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Washington D.C. -- The Capital of the United States. Washington D.C. is a historic city with many historic buildings and landscape. Consequently it has one of the most restrictive set of building and zoning laws anywhere in the country, perhaps even anywhere in the world. Almost everything requires getting a permit. The only storage sheds that you can place without a building permit is a single storage shed 6x8 or smaller that is no more than 10 feet tall, however you will probably still have to get a zoning permit to place it.

A side note on the building regulations. The When Is A Permit Required? document on the website lists DC Code Section 105.2.6 as being the code section listing exempt garden storage sheds. However that is not correct. The correct code section is DCMR 12-A Code Section 105.2 Building:8 which reads as follows:

8. A single garden storage shed that does not exceed 50 square feet (4.65 m2) in area, is less than ten feet (3048 mm) in overall height, is an accessory structure to a building of Use Group R-3 or to a building under the jurisdiction of the Residential Code, and is erected on a lot with no other exempted storage shed. 

Why trust Capitol Sheds?

Capitol Sheds dedicates itself to building and delivering only high quality structures to ensure your safety and comfort in using them. Hence, it makes use of guaranteed high quality materials, and applies complicated and sophisticated techniques to build one of a kind structures. Moreover, products of Capitol Sheds is built by the most skillful Amish craftsmen to ensure durability of every project. Every employee at Capitol Sheds is equipped with knowledge in shed-building to help clients understand their needs best. Aside from these, you will surely enjoy the customization Capitol Sheds will offer you. You can customize your shed to the minutest detail.

We want you to have sheds that fit your budget yet be useful in the way you want them to be.