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We Deliver Sheds, Garages and other Structures to Fairfax, VA and all of Northern Virginia.

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When it comes to getting a shed or garage in Northern Virginia, we have got your covered. We deliver and set up sheds, garages and playsets to all of Northern Virginia on a daily basis.

Here is some important information regarding sheds, garages and other structures to be located in Fairfax County, Virginia:

Sheds and other accessory structures do not require a building permit when they are 256 square feet or less in size and are single story, however they still do have to meet the zoning requirements for the zoning district they are going to be located in. Click HERE to view the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance.

Any shed, garage, gazebo or other structure that is larger than 256 square feet will require a building permit from the county unless it falls under the farm exemption. Building larger than 256 square feet may also require concrete footers. Click HERE to learn more about the Fairfax County Building Permit Requirements.

Capitol Sheds will work with you and the county to help you get your shed or garage permit. We will provide the necessary drawings and information that the county will need to be able to approve your permit application.

Here are some quotes from some of our many happy customers:

Capitol Sheds

I would be hard pressed to suggest your men could have done a more professional job. The shed arrived sitting on the trailer in the reverse position from what was needed to get into the prepared position. They took it back up to the road, offloaded the shed, brought the trailer around to the other end and then re-loaded the shed. At this point they carefully backed down our long driveway and positioned the trailer to offload the shed. Once the shed was offloaded, they prepared the footings and leveled the shed. It all went very smoothly and efficiently.

Next came the dismembering of our collapsed metal shed. This too was done expertly and efficiently. In a short time the pieces of the shed were loaded and tied down on the trailer.

The entire effort was a job well done.

-- Fairfax, VA


I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Redeemer Lutheran Church and our Preschool to thank you for fixing the damage that was done to our playground equipment. While waiting to hear from you regarding whether or not it was fixable, and how much it would cost, what a wonderful surprise to find that not only did you come out to asses the damage, but went ahead and fixed it right away. Our preschool children and the children of our families were thrilled to have their playground fixed and safe to play on again. May the Lord bless the Capitol Sheds Company and its employees, truly a witness to God's goodness. Thank you again,

, Secretary, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Fredericksburg, VA