When looking into getting renovation or construction projects done for your home or business, you will often end up hiring a contractor to do the work for you. The contractor hired will often hire subcontractors of their own in order to do certain parts of the work, but there are many benefits to hiring a contractor that does all the work themselves. Without subcontractors on the job, you are going to know exactly who is doing the work, and this will ensure that there is a certain continuity to your plans and ideas.

Continuity of Plans and Ideas

When dealing with contractors, you have to be able to convey your plans and ideas about the project you hired them to do. With the right contractor, you’re going to be able to mesh well, and that will result in an end product that you are satisfied with. However, when a contractor starts using subcontractors, you may start to have a breakdown of those plans or ideas; often, the subcontractor will be hired directly by the contractor and you may not have a say in who is hired, or you may not even be in direct contact with the subcontractor to convey your plans. Like the old school yard game of telephone, things get changed as they go down the line: the more subcontractors there are, the more small things change, and that could result in the big picture being changed more drastically than you may have expected.


The contractor you hire should be trustworthy. If you have gotten to the point of hiring them, you have done your due diligence in researching reviews and ratings and getting references so you could check out their previous work. But what do you do when they start hiring subcontractors? Your contractor probably has worked with certain subcontractors before, but not always, and you may not have the opportunity to research the trustworthiness of subcontractors before they have started work on the project.

Straight Forward Contracts

Bringing in subcontractors through a contractor on a job also brings in a certain amount of legal complications in terms of contracts. You will have negotiated a contract with your contractor that is comprehensive and has the proper written guarantees to ensure the work you have hired them for is done in a timely and cost-efficient manner. However, often, when subcontractors are brought in, they will have their own contracts with your contractor, and many don’t put as much effort into negotiations, or into having written guarantees. You may end up having a contractor that is sitting there doing nothing as they wait for a subcontractor that, despite having a contract, isn’t living up to their end of the deal, delaying your project or ballooning the budget, either through incompetence or loopholes that are slipped into their contracts.

Delays Caused by Subcontractors

One of the best benefits of your contractor doing all the work and not relying on subcontractors is that timelines and budgets are easier to keep on track when dealing with only the contractor. While contractors are experts at managing projects, subcontractors can still cause unforeseen issues. Subcontractors are hired to come on specific days to do work, if the ground work isn’t completed in order to do their work, timelines end up getting pushed back and budgets start to get out of control.

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