Gazebo installation cost in Virginia

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This guide will provide you with valuable insights into the factors influencing gazebo costs and the considerations for installation in the beautiful state of Virginia.

Factors That Affect a Gazebo’s Price

Material Choices
Wood gazebos are usually priced lower than their vinyl counterparts. However, you get more color/stain choices with wood, and you can always re-stain or repaint it in the future if you get tired of the color.

Size and Design
Our gazebos are available in 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 foot widths and up to 48 foot lengths. Size will greatly affect the final price. The shape will also affect the price. For example, the base price for an 8’ octagon gazebo is lower than the base price for a similar rectangle or oval shaped gazebo.

Customization Options
With our custom gazebos you can choose several options. The roof style (eg, standard vs. pagoda), flooring (none, wood, or composite), roof type (asphalt shingles, metal, cedar shakes), and more will affect the price of your gazebo.

Additional Features
Adding an electrical package (a good idea if you want lights or a fan), a screen package or windows, and benches will impact the overall budget as well.

Gazebo Delivery In Virginia

Gazebo Installation Cost in Virginia

If you live in central or northern Virginia and your gazebo delivery site is accessible to our pickup truck and trailer, you might be eligible for free delivery. Contact our sales office for details.

Local Permitting
In Virginia, a building permit is required for any structure over 256 square feet (16’x16 or larger’). For example, if you’re planning to install a 16’x18’ gazebo, then you would first need to obtain a permit from your township. Contact your township’s zoning department for more information about permitting.

Site Prep Costs
Preparing the installation site for your gazebo must be completed before delivery. The site needs to be clear and within 24 inches of level. We can block and level up to 24 inches. Please contact one of our sales offices for additional details about site prep.

Professional Gazebo Installation
We deliver and install your outdoor structure. If you are in central or northern Virginia with an accessible prepared site, you may be eligible for free delivery. Contact one of our sales offices for details.

Delivery & Installation Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size gazebo should I choose for my backyard?
The appropriate size depends on the available space and your intended use. Consider the size of your yard, the number of people you want to accommodate, and the activities you plan to do in the gazebo.

How is a gazebo anchored to the ground?
Anchoring methods depend on the gazebo type and the chosen foundation. Common methods include using anchors, bolts, or concrete footings.

Can I install a gazebo on a deck or patio?
It’s possible, but the structure must be designed to handle the additional weight. You should consult with a structural engineer to ensure the safety and stability of the installation.

What additional features can I add to my gazebo?
To enhance your gazebo experience, consider adding screens, lighting, a ceiling fan, or even an outdoor heater. These features can increase the comfort and usability of the gazebo in different seasons.

Gazebo installation in Virginia

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