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10x10 Wood Pergola

Are you dreaming of a better outdoor space for your Virginia backyard where you can relax and unwind? If you find yourself drawn to the charm of a pergola, you’re not alone. Pergolas are exploding in popularity.

When you’re done daydreaming, you might begin asking practical questions like “How much should a custom pergola cost?” or “Is it cheaper to buy or build a pergola?”

If these are questions you have, this guide will help you.

Pergola Price Tag Decoded: How much should a custom pergola cost?

Your custom pergola will be unique and there are several factors that will affect the price. Here are a few key components of pergola price to consider.

Size: From cozy retreats to grand gathering spaces, size reigns supreme. A 10′ x 10′ wooden pergola starts around $3,000, while a 16′ x 20′ could creep closer to $8,000.

Material: Wood provides a natural warm look, but vinyl is convenient and low maintenance. Wood generally costs less than vinyl.

Customization: Want a lattice roof for vines or plants to grow from? Need electrical outlets for power? Each option adds to the price tag but also increases the enjoyment and usability of the pergola.

Pergolas: DIY or Buy?

Is it cheaper to buy or build a pergola? The “build or buy” question requires considering your budget, time, and skillset.

Building From Scratch: Armed with blueprints and sweat, you could save half the cost compared to buying. But when you factor in tool rentals, material mishaps, and the time investment the costs start to add up. So unless you’re a professional or an advanced DIY-er, building a pergola from scratch probably isn’t a feasible path for you.

When you consider the ease of purchasing a pre-built pergola and having it delivered to your home vs. the stress and sweat equity of building from scratch, we think the answer is clear.

Buying Pre-Built: A customizable pergola kit offers convenience and includes professional delivery and installation. While buying pre-built is pricier than DIY, it is likely to be more budget-friendly when you consider the time you’re saving and the hassle-free setup process.

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Across our display lots in northern Virginia, we have hundreds of pergolas, sheds, playsets, and outdoor structures – most of which are available for sale. While they are not customizable, these structures can be delivered quickly – usually within a few business days.



Pergola Installation Cost in Virginia

Local Permitting
In Virginia, a building permit is required for any structure over 256 square feet (16’x16 or larger’). For example, if you’re planning to install a 16’x18’ gazebo, then you would first need to obtain a permit from your township. Contact your township’s zoning department for more information about permitting.

Site Prep Costs
Preparing the installation site for your gazebo must be completed before delivery. The site needs to be clear and within 24 inches of level. We can block and level up to 24 inches. Please contact one of our sales offices for additional details about site prep.

If you live in central or northern Virginia and your pergola delivery site is accessible to our pickup truck and trailer, you might be eligible for free delivery. Contact our sales office for details.

Professional Pergola Installation
Our professional team will deliver and install your pergola for you. If you are in central or northern Virginia with an accessible prepared site, you may be eligible for free delivery. Contact one of our sales offices for details.

Wood pergola set over back patio.

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