There are many different factors to consider when building a horse barn. Everything from the footprint size to the materials can completely change your design, budget, and the horse barn’s appearance. And while some of these factors are up to you, the aisle width and stall size are more dependent on your horses than on your space, if you are building horse barns in Spotsylvania.

Aisles and stalls are the most used parts of any horse barn, so they must be built with considerations for you, your animals, and the activities that will happen in those spaces. Both you and your horse should be, in general, able to move comfortably, and your horse should be able to be maneuvered and turned around in a barn aisle. This is absolutely key when building horse barns in Spotsylvania.

Aisle Width for Horse Barns in Spotsylvania

In general, you need to think about the door when you are considering a horse barn aisle width. The minimum recommendation is a door that’s 12 feet across. This will ensure that your horse can safely enter and exit the barn without trapping them if they turn or need to be maneuvered. For horse barns in Spotsylvania, this is fairly standard. As a result, if your horse barn has a 12-foot door, then the aisles should also be 12 feet wide. This ensures maximum maneuverability and still allows for a horse barn that is a reasonable size—especially for people with less room than they thought: 12 feet for aisles and doors keeps the footprint small while still being safe and comfortable.

Stall Size for Horse Barns in Spotsylvania

While aisle width is fairly standard no matter your animals, stall size is almost entirely dependent on the animals themselves. Smaller horses and ponies will need less space than larger breeds. In general, stall sizes should range between 10’ x 10’ and 12’ x 12’. You should also double the size for a foaling stall. Horse barns in Spotsylvania are almost all within these restrictions.

Stall size is one of the most important aspects of a horse barn and should always be considered before other rooms, feed areas, tack areas, and other parts. Be sure to consider your own comfort in the space, as well, to make sure that you can properly and safely move around in a stall with an animal inside. Smaller people can sometimes get away with less space, but you should usually make more than enough room for you and your animal when planning your horse barns in Spotsylvania.

Designing horse barns in Spotsylvania is a combination of architecture, design, and assessing your needs as a horse owner. Be sure to consider the amount of space that you have, as well as the kind of horses that you have, to ensure that both you and your animals are happy and safe. Capitol Sheds can help you design the perfect horse barn for your animals, and we can ensure that it is built to withstand years of use, too.