Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own greenhouse? If you’ve thought about it, you’re probably curious about the benefits. You’ll be happy to know there are many benefits in building a greenhouse and we’re going to talk about them below. You might be surprised at how many fit your lifestyle and goals.

Benefits to Having Your Own Greenhouse

1. Multi-Purpose

You can grow many things in a greenhouse, such as fresh organic vegetables, flowers, bulb plants, house plants and various kinds of seedlings. You can mix up what you grow or change your focus every year. You have lots of space to play around with.

2. Dedicated Gardening Area

Your own greenhouse will allow you to choose a specific spot as your gardening area. It offers a place for supplies, tools, and special accessories for starting seeds, growing, harvesting, transporting, cleaning, and preparing cut flowers and vegetables.

3. Pick Your Own Greenhouse Design

Owning a greenhouse gives you the chance to design it yourself. You can make it as long, as strong, or as wide as you need. If you want a vent or an extra door you can do it. You don’t have to use someone else’s design.

4. Enjoy a Longer Season

With your own greenhouse you can start planting earlier and garden longer than the growing season may permit. This is especially beneficial if you’re growing temperature sensitive plants and the environment where you live is harsh, because you can have four extra months of growing time.

5. Create a Warm and Humid Environment

Plants thrive in warm and humid environments. Having your own greenhouse lets you capture and support the perfect setting.

6. Get Away from Rain and Wind

Your greenhouse will shield you and your plants from storms and frosts. It will also protect your plants from the drying effects of winds if you live in an in arid environment.

7. Garden all Year

In most areas across the country, the sheltered atmosphere of a greenhouse offers enough protection to allow you to grow vegetables all year long. Even when the temperature drops into single digits, several cold tolerant vegetables can survive and thrive.

8. Save Money on Produce

One of the most beneficial reasons for having a greenhouse of your own is so you can beat the rising cost of produce. If you’re a family of three, your greenhouse will pay for itself by the second year. You won’t have to worry about dollars per pound for the fresh vegetables you can grow in your backyard.

According to the website How Stuff Works “A well-maintained 4-foot by 8-foot (1.21-meter by 2.4-meter) garden in a Midwestern climate can produce about $600 in food savings over a single summer.”

9. Independence and Self-Reliance

Your own greenhouse will help you become self-reliant and independent because you can keep yourself and your family fed.

As you can see there are many benefits to building a greenhouse. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you. We sell crafted greenhouses that you can design yourself. Contact us or visit your nearest Capitol Sheds location.