It seems like these days one must get permission from the government to do anything, and putting a storage shed into your yard is no exception.  At Capitol Sheds we build our storage sheds and other structures to meet Virginia building codes, not only so that the building will withstand the test of time, but also so that when then county inspects the building, it will pass inspection for a utility accessory building.

In 2014 Virginia updated the Virginia Building Code to follow the 2012 IBC (International Building Code) and raised the square footage requirements for storage sheds requiring a building permit to buildings that are over 256 square feet in their footprint.  However, there are certain requirements that a storage shed must meet in order to qualify with this exemption:

  1. The building eve height cannot exceed 10 feet.
  2. The floor of the building must be within 18 inches of the ground.
  3. All supports must be on level spots on the ground.  Any wood touching the ground must be pressure treated.
  4. All structures must be anchored
  5. Structure must be made with light frame construction in wood or light steel.

Any structure that does not fall within the above parameters is required to have a building permit, there are however some exemptions for farm use.

As far as Zoning permits go, Zoning permits are generally required for all structures no matter the size.

Capitol Sheds has put together pages with resources for several of the counties and cities in Virginia to help you with getting the zoning and if needed building permits that you will need.  We will be continually adding resources to this page, so when you are purchasing a shed from Capitol Sheds and you need help finding the resources for a particular city or county, and it is not yet on this list, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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