Is your home getting overrun by clutter, and you need somewhere to store some of it? Many people will look toward getting a storage unit somewhere nearby, but is that really the best option for you? If you have space on your property, consider saving yourself the fees and owning your storage solution with a storage shed on-site. Capitol sheds can make your storage woes a thing of the past!

Convenience of Storing Your Stuff on Your Property

One of the clear advantages of owning your own storage shed is the convenience. Anytime you want to get something out of storage or put something in storage it’s going to be right there, no driving across town to your storage unit, or possibly having to adhere to a schedule when you need your stuff right away. Having a storage shed built for you on your property also means you get to decide the size of it so you can be sure you have enough space.

Saving Money in the Long Term

Why keep paying those storage fees when you can pay for your own storage shed on your property? So if your storage fees are $100 a month, over 3 years that’s going to be $3600! For short-time needs a storage unit may seem like the cheaper option, but what if you need to store stuff for long-periods of time? Buying a storage shed would be more cost-effective. As well, a storage shed will allow you to store seasonal equipment like your lawn mower, life jackets and garden tools.

Knowing Your Stuff is Protected

You get peace of mind from having your storage shed on your own property, rather than having a storage unit across town. You can quickly check in on your possessions anytime, and install your own locks, or security system to keep an eye on your stuff. Many people are going to be using a storage unit complex, and with that extra foot traffic there’s an increase chance your unit could be compromised. With no monthly fees to pay, there isn’t a chance that you could forget to pay and lose your stuff through storage unit auctions. You also control the quality of the space you are storing your items in so you can choose a storage shed that is highly resistant to the elements, and from damage such as rot or insects.

Many Storage Shed Designs to Choose From

If you choose to get a storage shed, there are many designs to choose from, and it can add value to your property. You can get a standard A-Frame shed, or you can go for several designs that are pleasing to the eye such as: barn, Quaker, cottage, manor, Cape Cod and many others. As well, if you burn wood for heating there are semi-enclosed wood storage options.

Design Your Shed Online Today

If you are looking for a storage shed to avoid the inconvenience of storage unit costs, visit the Capitol Sheds website today and look at their selection, or use their 3D Builder and design and price your own shed.