As people keep getting busier, it seems that it’s not just our lives that become fuller. And the more we get, the more we need a place to put it all. It’s no wonder that sheds in Stafford are popular. We all need a little extra space to put stuff! Buying a storage shed, a garage, a barn, a workshop, or any extra building to place on your property is a great idea. If you are looking for extra space for storage or workspace, here are five questions to ask a shed builder before you buy a shed for your property.


1. How much experience do you have building sheds in Stafford? This is an essential question. It is a good idea to buy a shed as a part of your property instead of renting something, but it is relevant to know that it is going to be built by craftsmen who know how to build a good shed, and who know that a shed is a specific type of building–not just four walls and a door.

2. Do you have any kind of a warranty for the shed? If they have a warranty, how long is it and what does it cover? Although storage sheds in Stafford are very well built and able to take anything unusual, general wear and tear and accidents do happen. Find out if there is insurance coverage.

3. Can the shed be moved? A shed is a permanent fixture on your property, but sheds in Stafford should be portable to some degree. Over the years that this shed will be on the property, you may change your mind about where it would best sit: can it be moved safely and will it still settle properly afterwards? The warranty for the shed should cover re-levelling so that the shed will still be as sturdy and stable after the move.

4. Will it fit in with the rest of the buildings on the property? This question is also important. The buildings and sheds on your property have a particular image and style, and the shed that you purchase to match should not look completely thrown in at the last minute. If you are buying a shed off the lot, it will take less time to be delivered to you, which is great if you want storage sheds in Stafford in a hurry; however, if you want one to match your other property buildings, then have one custom built. It won’t take that much longer, and it will work out better.

5. Will it have electricity and heating? if the shed needs heating for the winter or the rainy months, or air conditioning for the summer, then it is important to think about those needs as well. Most of the time, sheds in Stafford do have an optional electrical package inside them, but it is the responsibility of the homeowner to be sure that the electricity is hooked up to the area where the shed is installed.

If you are purchasing a storage shed for your home, you won’t be disappointed in the sheds in Stafford that Capitol Sheds has available. Contact us today to find out the answers to these questions and more.