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Garages aren’t only used to park vehicles in. Many people use them as storage units to house a variety of large and small items, from vehicles to tools, to sports equipment. When it comes to choosing the best garage for you, decide first what your storage needs are. How much space does your garage need to have? What items are you planning to store or house in it? We supply custom-made garages in northern Virginia to provide our clients with the right garages for their needs. If you’re thinking of adding a garage to your home, contact us at Capitol Sheds today.


Choose a material that is right for your climate

Many people think of garages as purely utilitarian. Indeed, they are highly functional features of a house, and can offer shelter and security for your vehicles and items, especially from inclement weather. But when it comes to choosing the right garage for you, you need to determine which materials are best suited to a Culpeper climate. Metal and fiberglass tend to be more durable and long-lasting, although wood provides a natural and beautiful aesthetic. If you’re not sure which material is best for you from your selection of garages in Culpeper, contact us right away and we’ll help you choose the best materials for your future garage.


Some people use their garages to entertain guests, especially if there’s an overflow of people from the main house. A garage can offer a unique clubhouse feel, and it allow guests to kick off their shoes and relax even more. A lot of people use their garages as workshops, too, so they can work on their hobbies or crafts without making a mess in the house. Looking for the best garages in Culpeper for you? Think about the many purposes you could use your garage for. It doesn’t just have to be a place where you park your vehicle; it can also function as a workshop or a clubhouse.

Choosing a Garage Door

When choosing the best garage for you, it’s also important to think about which garage door will best suit your functional and aesthetic needs. Do you want an automatic garage opener? What material do you want your garage to be made from? Do you want the door to contrast with the colors of the house or blend into the siding? Do you want a contemporary garage door or one with more rustic features? Garage doors, just like garages in Culpeper, come in all colors, sizes, materials, and styles – there are so many options!

There are as many factors to consider when choosing a garage door as choosing the garage itself. Get the best garages in Culpeper with our custom-made garages. We’ll help you decide on every aspect.

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A garage offers you more storage room and added security to your home and possessions. It’s important that you choose the best garage for you. Not sure which garage to choose? Contact us and we’ll help you every step of the way. When it comes to building garages in Culpeper, we’re the experts.