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How do I move my shed? Storage shed mover? Building Movers?

Almost every day the question is asked “Can I move a storage shed?” The next question that follows is, “Can we disassemble the building and reassemble it?” Nuts, bolts or screws are intended to be removed. Sheds that are nailed and screwed together are not intended to be disassembled.

For moving within the yard, think about how the pyramids were said to be made. How those huge blocks were presumably moved from the quarry to the site of the pyramids. They are said to have used multiple logs as rollers, moving over flat and inclined surfaces.

If the shed or building was delivered pre-assembled on a trailer to the site originally, then chances are it will be able to be moved. However, if the building or shed was built on-site in the present location, it may not be able to be moved as effectively.

Prior to moving the shed, remove all contents, to lighten the load and prevent possible damage. The fun part is prying the shed off the surface it’s sitting on. Leverage is key to getting the unit off the surface. One way to do it is to use a long pry bar, with a strong fine edge; it is needed to create the gap between the base and the surface, like a Pinch bar with a heel. If more leverage is needed simply add more length to the bar. However, there is a better way, and that is to use a farm or railroad jack. These generally are around three feet tall, and have a ledge that moves up and down the bar with a lever handle to ratchet the jack up. What you would do is put the jack under the edge of the building and the lift it up high enough to slide your rollers under the building.

In place of the logs used in the ancient times, 3″ or 4″ schedule 40 PVC pipe, will work. Take your time and finesse the building across the surface into its new location. For added strength and safety, the use of straps and ratcheted pulley system is recommended. You don’t want a run-away shed on your hands.

If moving outside of the yard, if there is direct access, a flatbed trailer or rollback truck is the answer to mobility. Check with the Transportation Department for permits if your shed is over 8 feet wide. A crane may also be needed to get over or a round obstacles like homes and walls. Or if you don’t feel up to it contact a shed company that has the required equipment, permits and experience needed to move your shed or building.

In tight residential areas relocation of sheds between properties is not an easy task. There are normally a number of obstacles in the way, be it at the current or new site or along the route. Look for wires, trees and street lights which would prevent the relocation of the shed. Depending on the size of the shed and the cost involved to move it, it may be more cost effective to leave the old shed behind and have a new one installed at the new location.

Tools you will need to complete your shed move!!

4” PVC pipe. 3-4 pieces

Pry bar

Cum a long winch

Shovel, for leveling the ground

A level for leveling the shed

Blocks for leveling