Are you getting tired of a crowded garage, porch or deck? Then you may need some extra storage space on your property, and a great space-efficient and affordable option is to look into getting storage sheds in Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg from Capitol Sheds.

Basic Costs

Depending on the materials you select for your new storage shed and size, it could cost you on average anywhere from $500 to $5,000. In addition to the cost of the shed itself, you’ll also want to consider whether you want to hook up electricity to your new storage shed, in that case you also have to consider the cost of an electrician, which costs on average between $50 to $100 per hour. When you get sheds in Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg custom built and delivered, you must also consider the cost of a contractor to prepare the site for you, clearing out and leveling an area where the shed will be placed. Make sure you plan ahead and pad your budget a bit; you never know when an unexpected expense will arise and you’ll want to avoid overspending for your shed project.

Material Costs

When you get your custom sheds in Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg designed, there are going to be many options to choose from in terms of sizes, styles and materials. Obviously, due to material costs, the larger the shed, the more expensive it is going to be. And once you have chosen a size, you’ll have to choose a style, anywhere from an A-Frame type to a cottage style, or a lean-to – there are so many options!

With size and style out of the way, you’ll focus on the materials used in its construction. The cheapest option is often a metal shed, with wood sheds being the middle ground of cost, and finally the newest and most expensive option being vinyl. However, when selecting materials you’ll want to focus on strength and durability. Vinyl is going to be your best bet at being the strongest, most durable, rot and rust resistant, insect resistant and can take a beating from the weather and without denting or cracking.

What You Need to Know When Getting a Shed

If you have decided to get yourself a storage shed, you’ll need to ask the builders a few questions so that you have peace of mind during the whole process. Be sure to check out how long the builder has been in business and check out their designs. Many will have a lot where they have sheds to showcase to you and some allow you to design your shed online. Also, get a time estimate on how long the shed will take to build and how long until delivery of the shed to you or if they’ll build it on site.

If building your shed in Spotsylvania or Fredericksburg, then construction of detached, single story, utility sheds larger than 256 square feet of building area will require you to get a building permit. Also ensure you have a large enough area to place the shed, and you’ll have inquire if the builder will prepare a cement slab and level the area, or if you’ll have to hire a contractor or handyman.

Professional Builders

If you are looking for professionally designed sheds in Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg, contact Capitol Sheds today.