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There are some important things to consider when you are choosing the right company to build your horse barns in Fauquier. After all, the most important thing that the horse barn builder must know is that building a horse barn is not like building any lawnmower shed. So, if you are ready to choose someone to build for your animals, choose one that understands the needs of your horses.

A company who understands horse barns in Fauquier takes the safety and comfort of the horses into account. The horses will live in the barn, so their needs are tantamount. Choose a shed building company who has experience in building sheds to house animals and that understands their specific needs.

Good ventilation

Horse barns need to be ventilated properly so the air in the barn is breathable and the barn does not get stuffy, humid, or stale. A company with experience in horse barns in Fauquier and northern Virginia will have a good understanding of the importance of clean, breathable air for the animals. Horses need proper ventilation in the space where they live because of the ammonia fumes from the manure. Ammonia can be trapped in the space, and respiratory problems can be caused by long time exposure to it. It must be vented and kept away. Properly placed openings, doors and windows, as well as ceiling fans can keep the air in the barn clean and breathable for everyone.

Design and layout

If the company has experience with horse barns, then they will know the appropriate size for each stall, and although the typical size is 12’x12’, some horses need a larger size. But choose a builder who knows that the barn may need to be larger in the future. A barn that can accommodate the needs today as well as in the future is essential. You and the horses should be able to move around comfortably; the horse barn must have good aisle width and a door that allows the horses to safely enter and exit the barn and do what needs to be done inside. Twelve feet is a good guideline for stalls, aisles, and doors.


Ask about the style of the barn as well, and the quality of the materials that it will be made from. Choosing a company with a good reputation, one that will construct the horse barns from concept to completion will be invaluable to you. You need a company that will take the hassle of the project away from you. The company should be there for you through all the aspects of the project, and in the future, should the barn need to be moved or repaired.

Choosing the right horse barn builder in Fauquier also means that the company should provide a warranty on the buildings that they make. When you are hiring a company to custom make a building on your property, look for a company like Capitol Sheds, one that understands the area and has been in business long enough to have a good reputation for standing by the warranty they offer. Capitol Sheds can help you design your horse barns in Fauquier to be just what you and your animals need today, tomorrow, and beyond.