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Your garage is part of your home, and it houses many important things, from your tools to your vehicles. They are also often less secure than homes, which is why garages in Arlington, VA are often targeted by people who are looking to steal things. Thankfully, there are some simple tips that you can use to keep your garage more safe and secure. Here are just a few.

1. Get a Security System

This mostly affects garages in Arlington, VA that are detached from the home, since most home security systems will include sensors in the garage. However, if your garage is separate, then it will need its own system linked up to your home security. With a security system for your garage, you can lock it up more securely to ensure that break-ins are met with an immediate response. Some people also use cameras outside their garages, which can be helpful in identifying people who attempt to break into your garage.

2. Take Your Garage Remote with You

Many people with garages in Arlington, VA simply leave their remote garage door opener in their vehicle, usually in the central console. People who break into cars sometimes steal these openers and either drive around until it opens a garage door, or they find out your address through paperwork in your vehicle. In either case, leaving remote garage door openers alone is a bad idea. Instead, keep it in your purse, bag, or pocket.

3. Install Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights give people peace of mind while also keeping their property safer. The lights are best pointed at the windows (more so on the lower levels) and on the main ways a person would walk up to your garage. They help deter more than anything else and are a common security tactic for people with garages in Arlington, VA.

4. Cover Your Windows

This may seem strange, but many people who are looking to rob garages in Arlington, VA scope out before they break in. If your garage windows are covered up, then they can’t see what’s inside and are much less likely to break in. Think of it like when you park at the mall: you put your valuables out of sight in the trunk so anyone who looks through the windows can’t see anything to steal. The same logic applies here, except your garage probably has more things that they would want.

5. Get a Garage Door Lock

One of the ways in which you can prevent people from breaking into your garage is by getting a secure garage door lock. These locks work on simple deadbolts that make it impossible to lift, meaning your garage will be safe from people who are trying to strong arm their way in. While garage door locks are becoming less popular as remote access for garages in Arlington, VA becomes more commonplace, they are still an effective way to keep your garage secure.

Garages in Arlington, VA are often the target of theft because they are less secure than homes and still house expensive things. If you own a garage, you might want to consider bolstering your security with these easy and simple tips. They can help keep your home more secure and your things safer from theft.