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It can be difficult and nearly impossible to part with your treasured piles of knickknacks and boxes of long-forgotten trinkets. Even if we don’t use something often, or ever, we grow an unexplainable bond to these things. Bins of unwatched movies and DVDs, bookshelves of unread or half-read books, bags of clothing, boxes of decorations: the list is endless. But what happens when enough is enough and you have to make some much-needed room in your home? Do you choose a storage building or a storage unit? Do you rent or own? Let’s compare the two!

Renting a storage unit is an affordable short-term solution to your days of border-line hoarding, but in the long-term, you could be losing money. Sure, the added security and low monthly payments are alluring, but what happens when you are renting for years? If you have the available space on your current property, you could be using that money to buy a storage building for your backyard. Here are just a few pros of owning your own storage building:

1. On-site access:

When you want to access an item from your rental storage unit, it means you have to make the journey over there within a certain time frame. If you are moving a large volume of items or heavier items, like furniture, then you need to ensure you rent a moving truck or have a truck. But if you own a storage building, you have access to your belongings all the time – no matter the time of day. This is great if you entertain a lot and may have extra chairs or tables to store, or if you have your own business and need to store stock. Whatever the particular reason for your storage needs, owning a storage building is more affordable than you think, and it’s definitely worth the price.

2. No Monthly Fee:

As long as you are renting a storage unit, you are paying a monthly fee for those services. At first, you may not realize how quickly the charges are adding up, but if you sat down and analyzed the numbers, you would see it instantly. If you need to use a storage unit for a longer period of time, then owning is actually cheaper. What if an unplanned financial burden or issue arose and you could no longer pay your monthly fee? You could potentially lose all of your belongings. These may be antiques or family heirlooms that mean, and cost, a lot.

3. Security:

Yes, rental storage units have security guards, cameras, and gates, but that doesn’t mean they are totally secure facilities! Security is not guaranteed, and that will be included in many contracts or rental agreements. Depending on what you are storing, that may be uncomfortable or hard to do. Sure, you aren’t a security guard yourself, and you aren’t going to be at home all the time to keep your eyes on things, but at least your belongings would be close to you at some time during the day. By buying a storage building, you are giving yourself the convenience of storing your possessions in your own backyard.