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As your life expands, so does your home – whether it expands into a bachelor apartment or a three-story house. Maybe you are welcoming a new member into your family, opening your own business, or in the midst of acquiring some precious family heirlooms. There are a million different scenarios for why we own so much, be it holiday decor, gardening supplies, bikes, or athletic equipment, so the real question is: where are you going to put it all? The attic, garage, and basement can only accommodate so much, and it’s even harder in a smaller space that doesn’t have these amenities. Luckily, storage sheds in Stafford aren’t hard to come by, and owning rather than renting has great benefits!


When you purchase your own storage shed, you have complete ownership and access to it no matter the day or time. Many storage shed rental companies in Stafford are not accessible after 10 PM, and depending on what you are storing, this may not work for your lifestyle. Perhaps you are hosting an outdoor dinner party that’s running late. It’s 11 PM and you need to grab a few extra tables and chairs for your guests, but they are locked away in your rental storage unit. Renting a storage unit takes the control away from you. If you own your own storage shed, you have around-the-clock access every single day of the week.


When you first compare the numbers, renting rather than owning seems like the more affordable option. However, when you add up all of the money you would pay to rent a storage unit on a long-term basis, it will most likely exceed what you would pay to own a storage shed in Stafford. Another factor to consider is your ability to continue to pay for your rent. You can’t predict what will happen in the next year, let alone the next month. If you are suddenly short on extra cash, renting a storage unit is just another monthly bill you are responsible for! Owning your storage shed eliminates some of life’s unpredictability.


When you own your storage shed, you have the ability to not only customize it to your liking, but you can also change the purpose of your shed over and over again. It can start off as a garden tool storage shed and turn into a crafting shed down the road. The possibilities for design and usage are endless. Owning a quality storage shed in Stafford will also increase the value of your property should you decide to sell in the future. It can also make renting your home even more alluring as extra storage is always a huge bonus. Contact us today if you are looking for a storage shed that’s as custom-made for your specific needs as it is high quality.