For many years’ men have had their places to go and “be men”; In the 1800’s men would commandeer the parlor to smoke cigars and discuss politics, while the women were shuffled off to the drawing room. In the 1950’s and 1960’s it was the den which became the boys room for watching football games or hanging out with the guys, while the little woman made snacks for everyone in the kitchen. Then came the advent of the man-cave; a room where a man could go to watch TV, relax from the stress of the day and just “be a man”, which is usually code for “I want to burp without apologizing”.

Today the family dynamic is much different; women spend as much time (if not more), outside of the home working, and dealing with children. Today’s woman needs just a much time alone as her male counterpart; even more, as on top of being a mother working eight hours a day she is still considered by many to be the primary caregiver in almost every household.

Enter – the She-Shed.

The concept of a She-Shed, or a private place for a woman is not exactly a new trend – women have been seeking a quiet place to relax and recharge for centuries.  However, it’s only recently that women have had spaces created specifically for them. Here are a few interesting examples; In India the Imperial hotel has an entire wing devoted entirely to women, as does the Hamilton hotel in Washington, D.C., supplying their female guests with tools for nails, curling irons, magnifying mirrors; basically anything a woman may need. At the Dukes hotel in London they offer female housekeepers for their female guests, along with small dine-in tables in the rooms for meals. In Japan one hotel has created “crying rooms”. Specifically designed with women in mind, these are rooms where a woman can relieve her stress by having a good cry. The rooms contain sentimental movies, tissues and even warming eye masks, with the reason behind the rooms being that “Japanese ladies in their 20’s – 40’s are often said to live a life of stress”.

Today, with the lives of woman being more hectic and busy than ever before the need for privacy, quiet and relaxation must be addressed. While women value their relationships, spouses and children, it’s also nice to be alone and have some quiet time to think, be creative, or just have a glass of beer and relax. What more perfect way than a She Shed? More commonly known in the industry as a Saltbox Style Shed, these small rooms can be configured in a multitude of ways with the only limit being your imagination. A She Shed can be as small or as large as your property will allow, with some versions adding a small porch making them look similar to a full-size home. Most have traditional shingle roofs, and can even be built to resemble your existing home.

If you can dream it, a She Shed can be it, from a charming seaside cottage to a log cabin in the woods. Your She Shed can be as fancy and as girly as you like; with flowery cushions and chandeliers, or if you prefer Victorian lace and red walls. Perhaps your more of a great outdoors type of woman, and your special place contains a daybed and large glass doors opening to the wild of your backyard. Are you a lover of beer? How about a She Shed brew-pub, with a counter, stools, and a kegerator for you and your friends to enjoy the fruits of your labor? If you are more contemporary in style your She Shed can contain clean lines and minimalist furniture, with perhaps a wall that opens and allows nature to flow in.

With women today working harder than ever, taking time to relax is extremely important both to your mental health as well as your physical well-being. It has been well documented that relaxation promotes heart health, prevent colds and sickness, helps to boost your memory, lowers your risk of stroke, helps to ward off depression, keeps you slim, and even helps to keep your libido in action. Creating a She Shed that is separate from the main home will ensure that you physically step away from the stress of the day, into a world where you can be alone with your thoughts and unwind.

The She Sheds built today are not only built for relaxation; they also make a perfect studio space for arts and crafts, yoga or Pilates, pet grooming, gardening, basically anything you want to have in your She Shed. Perhaps you have a hobby or practice that does not fit well within the confines of a room in your home; a She Shed is the simple answer. Everyone knows how disruptive children can be. Perhaps your She Shed will be your escape from family life; a place where the adults rule and is off limits to the children. It’s all a matter of deciding what you want your space to be, a place to relax with a glass of wine and a book, or by digging your hands into some soil and bringing life to a tree.

Creating a private space where you can be yourself, not a mother, not a wife, not an employee, is vital to your overall health. Every individual needs their own space; even children appreciate having privacy and alone time. Your She Shed is your space to do as you please, whether you need to sweat out your stress working out or just lie with your eyes closed in the peace and quiet. At the end of the day, when the kids have been put to bed and the chores are all finished it’s wonderful to know that you can just step out into your backyard, enter your She Shed and leave the stress of the day far behind.

It’s hard to believe that a small building is capable of improving your life, but once you have your She Shed completed you will wonder how you ever lived without it.