Everyone has important questions and concerns when making a major purchase like a storage shed. Here are five helpful tips, facts, and overall useful knowledge to know before you invest in your storage shed.

#5 When purchasing a storage shed it is often useful to research local companies’ websites before visiting their sales lots. Search the online rating of each company or check if they are a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Compare prices, quality and service. Talk to your friends and neighbors that have perviously purchased. Explain what you plan on using the storage shed for and the salesman will help you decide on a model that best fits your needs. Make sure you’re comfortable with the company’s customer service before buying.

#4 An essential step in your storage shed purchasing is to determine whether you are allowed to have a storage shed on your property. Check with your local county zoning office to make sure the storage storage shed will meet local code when it’s delivered. Keep in mind many home associations require a certain style or matching color.

#3 Research companies on the basis of customization. Some only stock a basic lot model and others offer numerous options. Some storage shed websites allow you to virtually build and preview your storage shed. Customization options are nearly unlimited: size, style, color, widows and doors. Check to make sure you’re completely satisfied before delivery.

#2 The second most important aspect of buying a storage shed is accessibility. It’s common for people to purchase storage sheds only to realize they have no way to get it in place. Often storage shed companies offer “site checks” where they come to the delivery site to confirm accessibility. If you have un-accessible passages, ask if the company builds on site. These sheds are usually referred to as “Kits.” Make sure to ask if the dealer uses their own delivery crew instead of an outside contractor.

#1 The most important factor of buying a storage shed is your budget. Plan your budget to see what type, style, and size you can afford. Take advantage of all sales and discounts. Ask the sales representative if financing, credit cards, rent-to-own, and or cash discounts are available. Yet, it is important to realize that often you get what you pay for. Examine materials and structure before you purchase. There are still plenty of options for even the lowest of budgets. Visit your local dealers to determine the best value for your money.