July Clearance Sale!

Save hundreds or even thousands on select sheds. See store associate for details.

1. Make sure before purchasing storage buildings you ask what the charge is for leveling the shed. Some portable building companies advertise free delivery then charge you for blocking and leveling of your storage building!

 2. Ask if delivery is done by the employees of the shed dealer! Some storage building companies hire outside contractors to deliver for them! If damage is done to your yard or buildings, Good luck tracking the driver down to collect any compensation.

 3. Make sure to ask if there is felt-paper under the shingles or metal roof. Some storage building companies figure you won’t know!  And they will leave it off to make a few bucks, or they will tell you the shingles have a 25-30 warranty. The problem is Shingle companies do not cover warranties if there is no felt paper under the shingles.

 4. All storage buildings require a zoning permit no matter where you live (Except on Mars). All storage buildings over 200 square require a building permit. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Capitol Sheds leaves it up to the customer if they want to fight the County or Home Association about permits.

 5. By Virginia code all sub-flooring on storage buildings are to be pressure-treated. Here is another one that some shed dealers try to deceive customers on. Make sure you ask if all the storage buildings come with pressure treated floor joist.

 6. Be careful with buying over the internet. Most likely you will not receive what you thought you were getting and if there is a problem with the shed or you need it moved, good luck getting someone to come look at it or move it for you.

 7. Check on the floor thickness. Any portable building over 200 sq. ft. should have at least ¾ “ thickness on the floor. If not, after 5 years or so the floor will start sagging, especially if a heavy items is always parked in the same spot.

 8. Warranty- If your shed is not 100% covered for at least 10 years, then most likely it‘s not built to last 10+ years!!

 9. BBB- If the storage building dealer is not a member of the better business bureau, what are they hiding from?

 10. If a portable buildings company takes credit cards, then they should be able to give you a discount if paid with cash, and if paying with cash, that doesn’t mean there is no sales tax!

 So happy storage shed shopping and before you buy, ask your neighbor, friend, or relative how their portable buildings shopping experience went. Then visit a Capitol sheds location in South Fredericksburg, North Fredericksburg, Stafford, Ruckersville, Warrenton, Culpeper, King George, or Port Royal.  Or online at www.capitolsheds.com