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Yes, it’s 2018, and for many of us, many of the pressures, dangers, and tedious chores that winter used to exert on anyone waiting for the summer have largely fallen by the wayside. This doesn’t mean, though, that the compunction for planning, preserving, and parsimony have faded in equal measure. Summer is the time for getting stuff done before the cold sets in, but with all the tedium that modern economic, social, and material infrastructure and technology have brought us, they have also brought more than a meagre helping of hustle and bustle—everyone, in short, is always busy at something or other. If you’ve been thinking about stepping out of that cluttered garage and into the more refined spaciousness of a shed or outbuilding, then this is the season for setting your shoulder to the wheel. There are a few benefits of purchasing a pre-fab or made-to-order that are certainly worthwhile considering, especially if you find yourself constantly out and about and constantly out of time for a DIY.

Putting aside the benefits of having a pro look after your shed project, there are probably several reasons why you’re considering a shed in the first place. These may range from storage concerns to organizational ones, and all the way to wanting a little slice of alone time out of the house but still on the property. Efficiently finishing that shed, then, means efficiently reaching these goals.

All the Eco, All the Way

There are often two factors that will influence someone’s decision to go DIY or made-to-order. There is, first of all, the toll a project can take on your surroundings, your own lived environment—what we could call your personal ecology. The second factor is the economics of the project. Does the cost of having a professional build, in this case, a shed outweigh the labor, mental and physical, of getting the job done yourself?

Obviously, these two factors are related. But with respect to the first, both the impact in the popular sense of ecology and the more personal one outlined above are reduced by having a professional build and install your shed. When you purchase a shed, the shed will be made by experts in the craft who have doubtless made good on similar projects in the past. This means that the materials they choose and the methods of putting them together will be more streamlined, resulting in less waste. There are no wasted pieces of lumber, no two loads of gravel that have to be dumped, and no extra runs to the store for more supplies. These material efficiencies correspond to emotional ones when it comes time for installation: no need to worry about footings being in line with floors or boards fitting flush.

Who Cares about Quality?

We all do! To this last end, any professional carpenter worth their salt will be able to design and construct a structure that adheres to the local building code. This also suggests that they will be able to block for electrics and plumbing if you are looking to turn that storage space into a den of solitude and relaxation. While certainly not all of us are plumbers, carpenters, or electricians, we can all certainly appreciate the work of one who is skilled in her trade.